₹ 749

₹ 499/-
(Including Taxes)
  • Income from Salary / Business
  • Income/Loss from House Property
  • Income from Other Sources


₹ 1499

₹ 749/-
(Including Taxes)
  • Income from Salary / Business
  • Income/Loss from House Property
  • Capital Gain (From Immovable Property)
  • Income from Other Sources

How to do online ITR Filing?

How to do online ITR Filing?

      • Identify all sources of Income which will be declared while online itr filing
      • Purchase adequate Mads Money Online ITR filing plan or give us opportunity to assist
      • Upload all relevant documents
      • Our Income Tax expert will do all remaining work and file your income tax return through government portal

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Do I need to do online ITR filing to get Income Tax Refunds?

Yes. Income tax is deducted by various authorities on different kind of payments. Following are the examples:

      • Salaries
      • Interest on Fixed Deposit
      • Rent of Commercial property
      • Contractual Payments
      • Professional and Technical payments,

Refund can only be claimed by filing Income Tax Return online. Offline mode of filing ITR has been discontinued by Income Tax department in case of refund. We at mads money will guide you and get you maximum possible income tax refund.

How to get maximum Income Tax refund when filing itr online?

As discuss earlier, refund can be availed only by filing Income Tax Return Online. However, there are certain deductions on income allowed, which can be claimed to minimize tax payable. Which will result in maximum refund. Click here, to know more about it income tax refund.

If you don’t have Pan Card, we will apply pan card for you. If there is some mistake in your pan card, we will rectify the mistake. Click here to avail Pan Card services online.

How can I minimize tax liability while filing income tax return?

There are certain deductions which can be reduced from gross total income to reduce income tax liability. Most prevalent deductions are mentioned under section 80C, 80D, 8GG and 80TTA. Approximately 98% can claim above deductions, or are eligible to claim the deductions.

We are going the brief up the above deductions in short. You can check it out, if you have been missing those deductions. It is mandatory to file income tax return online if gross total income exceeds taxable limit. Which means, if your gross total income is 3.2 lacs and after deduction it comes down to 2 lacs, then it is mandatory to file income tax return online. We must also note that, to claim any deductions or refunds under income tax, it is mandatory to file itr online.

Our briefing of all deduction under section 80 C is as follows:

      • Life insurance premium paid during the year
      • Amount contributed to public provident fund
      • Contribution to a recognized provident fund by an employee
      • Any sum deposited to Sukanya Samridhi Account
      • Portion of tuition fees paid to recognized academic educational institution
      • Principal amount repaid from loan
      • Amount deposited in term deposit plan for more than 5 years with scheduled bank

Deduction allowed shall be 100% of amount invested in above or Rupees 1.5 lacs, whichever is lower.

Summarization of deduction under Section 80 D is as follows which can be claimed while filing itr:

      • Amount paid for health checkup of self and parents shall be up to ₹ 5000/-
      • Deduction of amount paid against medical insurance up to  25000 each for self and parents*

*If the person is above 60 years of age, then amount of deduction shall be increased to  ₹ 50000/-.

Our briefing of deduction under section 80 GG is as follows:

Section 80GG allow deduction linked in respect of rents paid. While filing itr online, least of the following can be claimed as deduction for rents paid:

      • ₹ 5000 per month
      • 25% of total income before adjusting 80GG
      • Excess of rent paid over 10% of total income

Under Section 80TTA, deduction of up to  ₹ 10000 can be claimed on interest from saving bank.

Incase if you wish to study above mention deductions in detail, you can click here.

What do you need to file income tax return?




Why you should file Income Tax Return:

You need to file Income tax Return as per Income Tax Act, 1961.

Helpful in capital accumulation.

Ease in obtaining loan.

Required for obtaining credit cards.

May claim refund of tax that has been deducted with correct tax planning.

Required for obtaining visa.

Avail benefit of various deductions provided by the Income Tax Law with correct tax planning.

Return can be filed even if no taxes are payable or TDS has been deducted.!.

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