GST Registration In Dehradun

We are delighted to share that now you can get GST Registration in Dehradun at very low cost. We have launched our multiple outlets in District Dehradun, to assist you in all taxation and accounting services.

Few Points about GST Registration

  • GST Registration is necessary to come under indirect taxation.
  • It is a unique number obtained from GST authority, to collect tax and claim ITC on purchases.
  • Every Business who are involved in trading of goods and services are required to register under GST.
  • It basically recognizes a person as a supplier of goods and services.
  • Tax rate are Classified under five slabs viz. 0%, 5%, 12% 18% and 28%.
GST Return Filing
GST Registration In Dehradun

Advantages of GST Registration in Dehradun

  • It is fully computerized process. Earlier companies faced significant problems dealing with tax authorities.
  • Having a GST Registration, we can maintain proper accounting of tax what we paid and what we have to claim.
  • It reduces cascading effect. It means no tax on tax.
  • Claiming ITC while supplying goods by adjusting tax paid at time of purchase.
  • Maintain a proper accounting of tax. What we collect during supply and what we paid during purchase of goods and services.
  • Business whose turnover is less than 1.5 crore can be opted  composition scheme and this scheme is beneficial for small tax payer for getting composition scheme the tax burden on many small businesses have been reduced.
  • Can deal with most of the big companies who required GST number.
  • Interstate supply of goods and services is also beneficial for business to increase our turnover.
  • Before GST companies faces many difficulties in Indirect Taxation but now after GST companies carry out their business with ease.
  • Can do Export and Import business.

Disadvantages of GST Registration in Dehradun

  • GST is online taxation systems; it might be difficult for small business to adapt technology.
  • Under GST, many returns have to be filed for a regular business.
  • Like every month GSTR 3B, Quarterly GSTR 1 and Annually GSTR 9 Total we have to file 17 returns in a year.
  • It will increase operational costs because business man would hire professional expert in Gst So, this gradually increase costs for small business.
  • Cannot deal with most of the big Companies who requires GST number.
  • Under GST small business man will face difficulties. Earlier, only those business whose turnover is above 1.5 crore had to pay excise duty. But now any business whose turnover is above 20L will have to pay GST.

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