How to Save Tax on Capital Gain?

In the period of pandemic, many tax payers sold their properties to generate cash and repay loans. However, one thing, which they should not forget is that income tax is levied on capital gain from sale of property. let’s discuss following points and have clarity of Income Tax on capital gain from sale of property:…

GST Registration in Uttarakhand Under Composition Scheme

GST Registration in Uttarakhand under Composition Scheme is present because GST law compliances are very high which cannot be compiled by the small dealers, small manufacturers and small service providers. To overcome this problem, a scheme is made for benefit of small dealers, manufacturers and service providers by reducing their burden of compliance. Example- less[…..]

Income Tax consultancy in Dehradun

Income Tax consultancy in Dehradun, is based upon the portion of money and income which government takes for development, funding public works and services, etc.                                                                              There are two types of taxes – • Direct[…..]

GST Registration In Dehradun

We are delighted to share that now you can get GST Registration in Dehradun at very low cost. We have launched our multiple outlets in District Dehradun, to assist you in all taxation and accounting services. Few Points about GST Registration GST Registration is necessary to come under indirect taxation. It is a unique number[…..]

Tax Free Business

Which businesses are Tax Free Business?

100% Deduction is available to individual for carrying on certain specified tax free business. Loss in such businesses can be carried forward indefinitely under Income Tax Act, 1961.  List of above mentioned tax free businesses is specified under section 35AD of Income Tax Act, 1961. We have summarized the same, which is as follows: Setting[…..]

How To Adhere To The Financial Regulations And Enjoy Running Your Business Without Any Legal Trouble.

How To Adhere To The Financial Regulations And Enjoy Running Your Business Without Any Legal Trouble?

Earning money is difficult no doubt. However, it is the process of informing the government that happens to be troublesome. While handling the process of Income tax returns has been considerably simplified thanks to the advent of software and online help, it is the prospect of doing business legally in India that fills you with trepidation. With so many new rules to contend with, you are sure to be lost and left feeling apprehensive of being caught on the wrong foot. […]

Complex Financial Solutions at Easy Prices - Mads Money

Complex Financial Solutions at Easy Prices

Financial solutions for businesses and individuals are different, and there are only a few companies that deliver to both ends, still fewer who offer end to end support for financial, fiscal and other associated matters. They have a name for those businesses that cater to such needs, and that is finance bazaar. These companies bring[…..]

Cut Down Your Annual Payable Tax with 80c Investment Plans

Cut Down Your Annual Payable Tax with 80c Investment Plans

If you know the secrets of investment, then amassing a sizeable fortune is only a matter of time, and a very short one at that. The section 80c of the Income Tax Act, 1961 lays it bare to the general public, thus making saving big possible from ordinary investments. To understand how that works, one[…..]